Bad Habits that Are Making Your Back Pain Worse

Back pain that interferes with daily activities affects 60-80% of adults at one point or another during their lives. While some pain is acute and can be attributed to an accident or injury, such as whiplash from a car accident, other back pain may become chronic and be more difficult to pin down its origin.  

Dr. Nameer Haider of Cell Bionics Institute has offices in Sterling, Virginia and Utica, New York. If you’re suffering from low-level, chronic back pain that’s keeping you from doing normal everyday things like working, moving around freely, cleaning house, or taking care of your personal hygiene, he can help you find ways to change your lifestyle and minimize back pain.

Back and neck pain can be due to bad habits

There are many lifestyle habits that don’t seem harmful on the surface, but these habits can cause ongoing back or neck pain.

Sleeping on your stomach

Do you love sleeping on your stomach? If you wake up with stiffness and soreness in your back or upper shoulders, it might be time to break your tummy time habit and sleep on your side instead. You can also hurt your back while sleeping sitting upright, so go to bed before your eyelids droop in front of the TV or computer.  Buy a body pillow and sleep on your side with your knees gapped slightly for best results.

Staring at your screen

There’s a new type of neck and upper back pain in town, and it’s caused by technology. If you constantly stare downward at a screen on your lap or in your hand, you could develop tech neck. Tucking your chin to stare at a laptop or handheld device causes your head weight to affect your spine dramatically, so try raising your screen to eye level, and ease the pressure.

Slouching in your seat

Hours spent at a desk in an ill-fitting chair or while using bad posture can take a toll on your lower back. So can slumping behind a steering wheel during a long commute. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair, readjust your seat in your car, and try to be aware of your posture throughout the day. Taking breaks to move around and stretch your spine helps, too. 

Other seemingly benign actions can also cause pain, like wearing an ill-fitting bra or carrying around an overstuffed purse or backpack. Closely examine your habits and try to cut out anything that could be causing unnecessary back strain. The results could surprise you!

Struggling with back pain? Contact our office and request to see Dr. Haider for a consultation at Cell Bionics Institute. You can call the location closest to you, or book an appointment online.

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