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Back pain is a common complaint and affects 80% of adults at some point in their lifetime. Though most people recover from their back pain over time, some continue to experience discomfort for months or even years. At Cell Bionics Institute, interventional pain management physician, Nameer Haider, MD, FAAPM&R, DABPM, offers cutting-edge treatments aimed at healing the underlying cause of your back pain for long-term pain relief. To learn more about the innovative treatments for back pain, call the office in Sterling, Virginia, or Utica, New York, or request an appointment using the online booking tool today.

Back Pain Q & A

What is back pain?

Back pain refers to any discomfort you experience in your back. For most people, the pain affects the lower back or lumbar spine. The type of pain you experience may depend on the underlying cause of your discomfort and can range from a dull ache to sharp, debilitating pain.


For most people, back pain is acute and resolves within a few days or a few weeks with at-home care. However, depending on the cause, your acute back pain can turn into chronic back pain. Back pain that lasts for three or more months is considered chronic.


If you suffer from chronic back pain, you may find it difficult to find an effective treatment to alleviate your discomfort, which affects not only your physical health but also your emotional health. Dr. Haider takes an innovative approach to pain management and offers many cutting-edge treatments aimed at the root cause of your pain to alleviate your discomfort altogether. 

What are the common causes of back pain?

Back pain most often develops due to mechanical issues related to the structures that make up your back. Common causes of back pain include:


  • Strains and sprains
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis


When you come in to see Dr. Haider at Cell Bionics Institute for help with your back pain, he conducts a comprehensive evaluation to determine the proper diagnosis, which may require diagnostic tests such as an MRI or ultrasound. Having a correct diagnosis is essential for the development of your personalized treatment plan to optimize healing. 

What treatments can alleviate my back pain?

Dr. Haider develops individualized treatment plans for back pain based on your diagnosis, your current health, and your future health. Your treatment plan may include various interventional pain management treatments, such as steroid injections, nerve blocks, or facet joint injections.


In addition to interventional pain management procedures, Dr. Haider also specializes in regenerative medicine and offers many innovative therapies to support your body’s healing process, including:

Biodisc® procedure


Dr. Haider developed the Biodisc method as a treatment option for back pain caused by diseased or damaged intervertebral discs, such as degenerative disc disease or herniated discs. The procedure uses stem cells harvested from your bone marrow that are injected directly into the damaged disc to help stimulate healing. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection 


The PRP injection, created from a sample of your blood, contains a high concentration of platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory agents that help stimulate tissue repair. Dr. Haider offers PRP injections as a treatment for back pain and sciatica. 


Dr. Haider may suggest combining the Biodisc procedure with PRP injections to maximize healing.


To learn more about the innovative treatments that can help you get relief from your back pain, call Cell Bionics Institute or request an appointment online today. 


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